Weekly progress report

What is the Weekly Progress Report?

The weekly progress report is routinely used in many companies in the private sector. The form acts as a template for research students and team members to provide an update of their progress, difficulties, resource requirements, publications, and planning for the next week.

In what way does the weekly report assist supervision of students?

Completion of the report on a weekly basis assists students to compile their data, making it easier to complete their thesis and publications in time. It also acts as an important communication channel between student and supervisor, especially when a large team is involved.

If you are interested in using this reporting system with your students, please feel free to download and use this blank template here:

Weekly planning and progress form

Sanjay Garg's approach for assessing supervision:

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Who was involved?

Associate Professor Sanjay Garg

Deputy Head, School of Pharmacy; Chief Scientific Officer, AnQual Labs; Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics
School of Pharmacy

If you would like to find out more about this item, contact Dr Sanjay Garg: s.garg@auckland.ac.nz

What do students say about it?

Students generally find it hard to appreciate it in the beginning. In my laboratory, it is a non negotiable requirement. After doing a few reports, they start enjoying it because it helps them in their planning and regular updating.